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Tattymoo x Juliaheartsu

Cry Baby (Galaxy Mix) Recycled Plastic Earrings

Cry Baby (Galaxy Mix) Recycled Plastic Earrings

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Many pieces of plastic are in the world, and loads end up in the streets or in fields around the world.

After learning how to recycle my acrylic scraps for my Remoo collection, I’ve used the same process to recycle plastic bottle lids that have been donated for my collection.

Each lid or piece of plastic is cleaned, melted down in my heat press, and then cut into this heart and plectrum shape which measures 6cm high from the base of the hook.

The Galaxy mix has been created using offcuts from other cuts, making these truly unique and magical. They are very light to wear, flutter gently and are a big eco statement!

All earrings used are hypoallergenic, safe to wear and feature either a hook or hoop, depending on which style you choose.

All earrings will be sent in a fabric gift bag and eco packaging (which may be recycled or recyclable).

Keep earrings away from heat

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