Stackable Positive Affirmation Bracelets

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The thought of combining my wood scraps and fabric scraps bring me so much joy so when I had the idea to make these little positivity bracelets, I cut out a load and went on the hunt for jersey scraps to use for the ties!

Lo and behold, a nice bag of textile scraps from a fellow maker Tutti Frutti Clothing came to the ties rescue! Perfect organic jersey remnants, saved from landfill and used to hold that statement in place! 

Secured with either a small wood bead each side, and adjustable knots, this is both simple yet bold. I also add a little star or moon charm to each one.

Each one is totally unique as I just use what colour or pattern available, but if you have a specific colour in mind please let me know at the checkout and I'll search for one for you!

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See the good

There is no planet B

Each wood charm is approx 3cm in length and have individual phrases engraved them. They've been made from 3mm birch plywood from sustainable FSC certified sources