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Tattymoo x Juliaheartsu

Oversized Detachable Wake me Up Collars

Oversized Detachable Wake me Up Collars

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These detachable oversized collars have been made from secondhand kids bedding so are bright, fun and add a pop of colour to the every day!

Wear over a dress, teeshirt or sweater to switch up your look! 

Each collar is 100% unique, and I even made two patchwork styles using the remnants from the main 4!

I've added a wooden engraved sleepy sun bolo slider to secure the ties (you may need to tie the ties underneath still) to add a nod to the fabric I made them with!

They are one size, the ties make them adjustable and the pink frill (made from a bedsheet) has been left raw along the hem on most of the collars.


I’d advise to remove the bolo slider before washing, and keep it away from heat at any times!

The collar can be washed with your normal load, cooler is better for the Planet remember! Oh and cool iron taking care as you go! Do not tumble dry! ⚡️

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