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Mini Stain Repair & Upcycle Printing Kit

Mini Stain Repair & Upcycle Printing Kit

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Transform stains into art with our eco-friendly Mini Stain Repair & Upcycle Printing Kit.

Introducing the Mini Stain Repair & Upcycle Printing Kit - your ultimate solution for fixing and refreshing old clothes! This mini stamp kit comes with an array of fun stamp prints that will add a touch of personality to any fabric. The Basic Stamps set includes classic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles, while the Friend of Spiders Stamps offer whimsical spider web designs. For those who love all things cool, the Cool Dude Stamps feature edgy graphics perfect for streetwear fashion. And for diehard Pokémon fans out there, the Pokémon Stamps are sure to bring some nostalgia back into your wardrobe. Each stamp is made from eco-friendly birch plywood and comes with water-based ink that won't harm your skin or clothing materials. But what sets this printing kit apart from others is its inclusion of a recycled sponge for easy application and cleanup – making it both practical and environmentally conscious. Whether you're looking to upcycle old pieces or add some unique flair to new ones, this Mini Stain Repair & Upcycle Printing Kit has got you covered with endless possibilities!

  • Get creative with mini stamp kit and create fun stamp prints on any fabric
  • Basic Stamps, Friend of Spiders Stamps, Cool Dude Stamps and Pokémon stamps included for endless possibilities
  • Made from eco-friendly birch plywood and water-based ink to reduce environmental impact
  • Recycled sponge provided for easy clean up after your DIY projects

In each kit you will get:

Basic Stamps:

1 x heart stamp

1 x star stamp

1 x moon stamp

1 x bear stamp

1 x rainbow stamp

1 x flower stamp

Friend of Spiders Stamps:

1 x spider stamp

1 x bug stamp

1 x stamp

1 x crawler stamp

Cool Dude Stamps:

1 x rainbow stamp

1 x sunglasses stamp

1 x rock hand stamp

1 x skateboard stamp

Pokémon Stamps:

1 x Pikachu stamp

1 x Poké Ball stamp


Use the stick to take out some ink and use the sponge to evenly add the ink to your stamp, and print as you wish.

Once the ink has dried, set with a hot iron, but protect the ink with some baking paper

You can also use the stamp on paper, card and even clay. The ink is eco, vegan friendly and you have enough for some other small projects.



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