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Tattymoo x Juliaheartsu

Mini Stain Repair & Upcycle Printing Kit

Mini Stain Repair & Upcycle Printing Kit

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I created this mini stamp kit to help you cover any pesky stains with fun stamp prints that you can use over and over again!

In each kit you will get:

Basic Stamps:

1 x heart stamp

1 x star stamp

1 x moon stamp

1 x bear stamp

1 x rainbow stamp

1 x flower stamp

Friend of Spiders Stamps:

1 x spider stamp

1 x bug stamp

1 x stamp

1 x crawler stamp

Cool Dude Stamps:

1 x rainbow stamp

1 x sunglasses stamp

1 x rock hand stamp

1 x skateboard stamp

Pokémon Stamps:

1 x Pikachu stamp

1 x Poké Ball stamp

Each stamp is cut in 3mm birch plywood, and is two layers deep.

You will also get a small pot of eco friendly vegan water based ink in black, a recycled sponge and lollipop stick to apply your ink.


Use the stick to take out some ink and use the sponge, to evenly add the ink to your stamp, and print as you wish.

Once the ink has dried, set with a hot iron, but protect the ink with some baking paper

You can also use the stamp on paper, card and even clay. The ink is eco, vegan friendly and you have enough for some other small projects.



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