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Tattymoo x Juliaheartsu

Mini Screen Printing Kit

Mini Screen Printing Kit

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In an effort to save money, I've started to make my own screen printing frames using wood offcuts and screen mesh.

It's taken me a few tests but I've finally perfected my tiny screens and even made mini squeegees using scrap foam and wood offcuts.

They're really fun to use and because they're so small you can even get a perfect little print on a teeshirt pocket.

In this kit you will get:

1 x mini silk screen 10 x 9cm

2 x Reusable stencils with precut designs 

Small pot of white or black eco water based ink

Recycled ice pop stick

Recycled sponge

PDF screen printing instructions (download at checkout)

I'll pre cut the stencils by hand and the design will be a simple shape and a total suprise!

Wash screens and stick after use. Wipe the squeegee and stencils with the sponge and dry flat away from heat.

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