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Tattymoo x Juliaheartsu

Craftivist Minimal Necklace

Craftivist Minimal Necklace

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Empower your maker spirit with the Craftivist Minimal Necklace!

Join the movement of conscious creators with this handcrafted necklace, laser-cut in the UK by me. 🇬🇧 ✂️

Made from the recycled offcuts of my larger fibre art designs, this necklace embodies the craftivist spirit, giving new life to discarded materials and minimizing waste. ♻️

Minimalist and elegant, it features a scissor design, a symbol of creativity and transformation. The necklace hangs from a comfortable, adjustable cotton cord tie, making it perfect for everyday wear.

By choosing this necklace, you're supporting:

  • Sustainable practices: Reduce waste and give pre-loved materials a new purpose.
  • Handmade craftsmanship: Celebrate the artistry and skill of independent makers.
  • Ethical production: Enjoy a piece made with FSC certified birch plywood, sourced responsibly.

More than just an accessory, this necklace is a statement of your values. Wear it with pride and inspire others to embrace creativity and sustainability!

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